Bnei baruch dating

He disseminates the dogma that Kabbalah has been around for thousands of years when in fact, all scholarly research supports that it originated around the 13th Century or so. Information varies at different levels and missions within pyramid c. Reporting deviant thoughts, feelings, and actions to leadership 5. Lessons by Laitman are broadcast daily via a live stream on the Internet, for at least three hours (3am-6am Israel time). Extensive use of cult generated information and propaganda a.

His teachings present an unfounded history of the Jewish people not supported by traditional and accepted Jewish heritage. Pairing up with “buddy” system to monitor and control b. They function to reduce complexities of experience into trite, platitudinous "buzz words".

He insists that the Rav in front of his name is to signify and mean teacher. Manipulate and narrow the range of a person's feelings. Make the person feel like if there are ever any problems it is always their fault, never the leader's or the group's.

However former members consider the title to be intentionally ambiguous.

In contrast, when we talk about love in this world, we are really talking about attraction and pleasure that are brought about by hormones.

If we were to disconnect a person from his hormonal system, he wouldn't be able to feel "love." This again shows that what we usually think of as love is just an egoistic desire to enjoy.