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Kenny provides quality leadership that will help, develop and grow team members.

He is commitment to delivering outstanding customer service. Prior to that, he worked for CF Lane, Landmark Apartment Trust, Archstone and other recognized multifamily operators.

Kennedy was shot on that bluff, now named Dealey Plaza. John Neely Bryan, the founder of Dallas, was born in Tennessee in 1810.

In 1839, he arrived at the three forks of the Trinity River with a Cherokee he called Ned and a dog he called Tubby. He wrote his name on a piece of buckskin, affixed it to a stake, drove it into the soft ground of an eighteen-foot bluff, and went back to Arkansas.

Over his twenty-year tenure with the organization, he held the rolls of Senior Regional Service Manager and Director of Service Training where he helped develop policy and best practices.

She also has a BBA in Finance from the University of Houston and she holds national certifications as a Senior Professional in Human Resources.We have the largest selection of Cowboys hats of all types for men, women, and kids.Whether you are looking for "Big D" hats for men, women, or kids, the official store of the NFL has all the Cowboys hats you could be looking for in new and popular styles.Today marks the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of John F. With all eyes on Dallas, it seemed fitting to re-run one of our favorite pieces from 2012, an ode to the city and its complicated legacy.Between 318 and 271 million years ago, the ancient continental core of North America butted against what would become South America. Then what would become the Gulf of Mexico opened, and inland seas washed the peaks away.