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The Grid View provides rich data features, but has a very boxy layout; the Data List and Repeater allow for a more flexible layout, but lack the "point and click" data features found in the Grid View, Details View, and Form View controls.The List View bridges the gap between layout flexibility and built-in data features. Consequently, the Grid View's layout is extremely boxy.We use a Grid View control and a Details View control to show data from a database, when the user clicks on a particular record. In this tutorial, we are going to add a Grid View control and a Details View control.We are going to bind a SQL database to both of these, and use the Details View control to display just one recorded from a table within the database when the user selects it.This will allow more data to be displayed via the Details View, rather than the Grid View.Also, the user will then be able to edit, delete and even add new data to the database via Details View control.

Find Control(..) will probably return null if there is no data.

The List View control displays columns and rows of data and allows sorting and paging.

It is by far the most popular data display control, and is ideal for understanding how data display controls interact with data retrieval controls and code.

NET 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008, this released included two new ASP.

The Data Pager control can be associated with a List View to render a paging interface. NET 3.5, developers who needed to display a set of records could choose between the Grid View, Data List, and Repeater controls.