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It bothers me that it seems from some of your responses lately that you now don't believe in keeping Shabbos.

Especially as a Jew who hopefully still believes in G-d who certainly despises untruths and also slandering and humiliating someone publicly in this way. Firstly this episode took place about five years ago.

It is therefore I wonder, firstly, with regard to the article about me re the notice from COSA from Romy Liebler how I'm unfit to lead a community who retracted and sent you so and not only don't you remove your article like JWire did but you don't even report that he sent you a retraction and give whatever excuse you can come up with... The financial situation in the Yeshiva here was such that it was about to close.

I took responsibility to keep it open taking loans that I thought Id quickly be able to return them based on family business deals which unfortunately to this day hasn't yet come to fruition in the way planned.