Sister dating my ex quotes

but before we broke she have done a lot of things that provoke me a lot but I kept silent because I keep on doubting can I really marry dis girl because I want happy and peaceful family....

most time she find it so easy to keep malice with me but der is nothing bad in having a misunderstanding but her own way of taking things is too hard for me to bear I started loosing trust and the love I have for her, but before we broke up I always wish I dated her younger sister because she have a very soft heart she can't keep malice once u scold her she will alway laugh and very humble but d person I claim to love reserve is d case she want to dominate everything in fact if I give pple things she alway complain .....

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Her sister found me on a dating website and we started contacting each other on there, and now we text each other and I even call her sometimes on the phone.

Then see if any of these words could appear in those quotes) KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now.

Think especially of the day before the dream) : - "I am just starting to realise ..." - "opening up emotionally" - "I am beginning to accept the situation" - "exploring a new feeling" - "It got me thinking emotionally" - "I am looking at him in a new way" - "you need time to think about your feelings!

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